About Us

We would like to introduce UniSoft Technologies as the technology innovators existing in the IT market for the past many years. Spearheading a revolution in the IT market by providing cutting edge productivity solutions to organizations and individuals. The promise of technology for us has also meant ever demanding customers consequently putting a pressure to constantly keep evolving our products and solutions.

We have been proactively supporting our customers and our channel with updated training and information about our products and solutions. UniSoft Technologies is known in the IT market for its involvement with the premium brands. Known in the market for bringing technology and people closer, their focus is service and solutions.

It’s easy to find partners who are passionate about business and money, and so are in IT trade. But there aren’t many who are in the channel business because they are passionate about the very products they sell.we help the enterprises across multiple industries to manage and use the technology in office to improve the performance of their business. We’ve developed proven & structured approaches that are recognized in the industry as best practices standards. Our approaches are driven by the business needs, strong business and IT partnerships and complex IT challenges the companies face today so they can take corrective action with proper support.